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How do I care for my jewelry?

Just wear it.  All of my work will change with wear.  Precisely how it changes is different for everyone, as it is related to your lifestyle and body chemistry (how much salt there is in your sweat).  Seriously, my first advice would be to wear it all the time and enjoy watching the changes unfold. The exception is designs which incorporate leather; these should not be worn in the water, and it is a good idea to take them off while you are exercising.    

If you decide you would like to clean your piece you can do so using a toothbrush and some mild soap.  It is also fine to buff it with a polishing cloth. Leather can be treated with oils and waxes if you like to increase its water resistance.  

Replacement cords are available for all pieces.  Please send me a message via the CONTACT page for a quote to do so.

Do the cords stretch?

Yes, most of them do stretch.  The machine braided cords stretch very little.  The cotton cords stretch a bit more. Hand braided cords stretch the most.  All that said, in my experience it works best to start with a good fit, no more than a tad tight.  Very rarely is the stretch enough to throw off the fit.

The exception would be hand braided pelican clip cords.  These can shrink during shipment, and I size them to account for this.  Before putting it on for the first time you may want to give the cord a GENTLE but firm pull, to stretch it out to its true length.  As you wear it it will keep this true length.

How do I figure out my size?


Wrap a cloth tape measure around your wrist at the thinnest point, or where the bracelet will fall if you plan to wear it in a stack.  Read the measurement with the tape held snug against your skin but not so tight that it is digging in. This measurement is usually enough information to determine your size based on the product sizing details.  If you fall between sizes then order the next size up, unless you are within ¼” of the smaller size in which case size down. If, upon receiving your piece, the fit is not satisfactory please contact me right away.

RINGS:  If you do not already know your ring size, the best thing to do is to have it taken by a professional jeweler.  If you are based in southern Maine you are welcome to schedule a studio visit and I can take your size for you. I can make rings to the ¼ size.  

Sizing is very personal.  At the end of the day, all that matters is that your jewelry is comfortable and you like the way it looks.  If you want to exchange your piece for a different size let me know as soon as you get it and I will help you through the exchange process.  Please see the SHIPPING AND RETURNS page under the INFO tab for more details.

If you order a custom piece I will work with you to ensure we get the size just right the first time.  

How do you put on a cuff bracelet?

1. On the inside of your arm find a squishy place in the flesh, below the bones of your wrist.

2. Gently push one side of the cuff opening into your flesh at this point.

3. Keeping that side of the cuff opening pressed into your arm, roll the cuff around your wrist.

The flesh of your arm is (for most people) squishier past the thinnest point in the direction of your elbow. There is more flesh there, but fewer bones. Flesh has give, bones do not. It is also possible to simply shove the cuff across your wrist at this point, but this can be uncomfortable. Rolling eliminates the friction (aka discomfort) that comes with shoving. Still won’t fit? Don’t hurt yourself! Contact me to arrange an exchange for a different size. Please, do NOT try and resize your cuff without contacting me first.

Can I come visit your studio?

Assuming you are not a creep, absolutely!  It is in Biddeford, Maine. I don’t keep regular visiting hours, but if you leave me a message under the CONTACT tab we can schedule a good time.

Can you make a piece out of gold or silver I provide?

Sometimes...  For the vast majority of designs this is not an option, but for a few of my designs I will gladly give it a shot!  In such cases it will still cost more than the piece would in brass, and there are some other conditions.  Leave me a message under the CONTACT tab if you would like to discuss further.